Our company, established in 1978 to create solutions for the changing needs of the logistics industry, is specialized on Innovative Logistics Solutions. Emerging market conditions and dynamic processes of logistics sector have created changes in demands. At 2006, as a result of our corporate mentality, considering the increase of necessities in the Cold Chain field of food and pharmaceutical sectors and their direct influence on human health, as a social responsibility, we've started to focus on this issue. Our approach to keep the ecological balance and human health in foreground, has lead our team to follow up the processes of our customers individually and try to create personalized solutions.

Quality Management Systems, being indispensable in the today’s business world, all our solutions at international standards are edited just to ease the life of the consumers and keep the costs as low as possible.

Focusing on human health, product safety and energy efficiency to provide innovative and affordable solutions for food retail and pharmaceutical sectors.

To become the first company that comes to mind of customers and all stakeholders for innovative and reliable solutions.