Time & Temperature Indicators
Paksense Dataloggers

Change of external factors such as temperature, humidity, light etc. play a critical role on perishable food like meat, poultry, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as on medical products such as blood, insulin and vaccines. Products have a life span, determined by certain circumstances to be consumed healthy and under the promised criteria and to be stored unspoiled. Deviations from critical limits cause sensory (taste, color, etc. ), nutritional value and hygienic problems. In addition to the health and safety threats, waste rate increases as well.

The weak ring in the supply chain occurs during transport, storage and display processes, whereby manufacturer does not have a direct control. For these reasons MONITORING is very important to ensure continuity of safety and efficiency, to track the changes in different processes, distribution and storage in order to take precautions and to keep a sustainable quality.

Monitoring the products is not complicated and costly issue, if right methods are chosen. Sedef offers many passive and active MONITORING solutions, interacting with each other.