Oxygen Absorbent Labels and Sachets
Temp-Ex Thermal Cover Solutions

Thermal Cover Solutions with their insulation ability at high performance, provide continuous protection and energy savings during shipment and storage of temperature sensitive products like food, pharmaceutical, chemical and similar. Thermal Cover Solutions protect from cold in winter, heat in the summer and are applied quickly and easy. These can be designed specifically to match your operations and at desired sizes.

Thermal Cover Systems are the “unique” Cold Chain solution, which reduce logistics costs, improve safety and protect the nature.

  • Thanks to the custom design and technology, ensure the integrity of the Cold Chain, protect the products until the last point
  • Provide mandatory Cold Chain Protection Requirements in accordance with the relevant notification set by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Allow to transport products at different temperatures, together
  • Prevent Cold Chain break for shipments to loading and unloading points at the pedestrian areas and in case of power failure
  • Save fuel, protect the environment
  • Reduce infrastructure investment costs
  • Can be designed according to required dimensions
  • Reduce waste

All kinds of transport and storage operations where by Cold Chain break is not desired.

  • Micro and macro distributions
  • Online store distributions
  • Air and sea transport
  • Airline catering services
  • Where energy saving is required
  • If no refrigerated vehicles and cold storage are available
  • For transport of medical supplies
  • Where green logistics approach are sought
  • For storage and distribution of light sensitive beverages such as wine