Time & Temperature Indicators
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Time & Temperature Indicators
Time & Temperature labels try to create the most secure environment for producers, consumers and vendors. They are used to receive dynamic information about the "instant" quality of the product. Thanks to the applicability onto the products with short or long shelf life, they can be used by product groups with different storage temperature and sensitivity. Thus, "instant" status (freshness, nutritional value, chemical activity, etc.) of food, pharmaceutical, vaccines, cosmetics and other consumer products can be visualized upon the temperature history of the product. They can be used for quality control purposes at logistics, but can be used as a promise of safety and quality as well, which consumers take home with themselves.
  • Help consumers to consume healthy and safe products in terms of nutritional value and hygiene
  • Ensure manufacturers to track their products whether they are being stored according to the proper storage conditions for the whole shelf life
  • Enable suppliers to realize quality control of products efficiently and reliably
  • Are clear and attractive tool for the user ( consumer, dealer, manufacturer, controller)
  • Bear clear messages for companies, thanks to their customizable designs
  • Help to decrease squander and waste at the economy and support savings
  • Provide waste management and help to monitor the shelf life according to post thawing conditions of product groups, which should be sold after thawing
  • Provide to store specific products such as wine, under required conditions to ensure the highest consumer satisfaction and to eliminate potential problems
  • Motivate the consumers to consume the food, of which SECONDARY SHELF LIFE starts with opening the package, within appropriate time and according to the promised features
  • In food production sector;
    During the transportation, storage and displaying processes of all products, storage conditions of which affect the shelf life,

    Shop, Cafe and Restaurant chains, Airline Catering Services, Mass Catering Services and Outdoor Kitchens, Micro distribution processes
  • Health Sector;
    During the transport and storage of those products need to be kept cold, frozen and cool

    Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, etc.