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Sentinel IQ Telemetry & Automation Systems
Sentinel IQ Telemetry and Automation Systems is a brand, providing remote monitoring and management service with its business partners specialized in M2M communication. Sedef with its experience over 35 years, presents mobile accessible Intelligent Management Systems, which are designed according to the actual requirements of the players in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and logistics industry. Systems are being manufactured in a common platform of companies with 100% Turkish capital.
  • Remote monitoring and management systems with their flexible and functional technical infrastructure can be designed according to the needs or to the sector
  • With Remote Monitoring Systems, information such as temperature, humidity and location of products can be reported instantaneously and uninterrupted
  • Logistics processes can be monitored from start to finish and timely intervention will be possible in case of problematic situations
  • With the help of Intelligent Remote Management and Customizable Automation Systems, energy / manpower savings and optimizations at the equipments such as lighting, refrigeration etc. can be achieved
  • Monitoring modules for production, storage, delivery and display of food and pharmaceutical products
  • Temperature, humidity and status (lid open / closed, etc.) information of cold rooms and food display compartments
  • Dealer sales network Cold Chain monitoring
  • Tracking vehicles, security and document management
  • Monitoring all measurable data on-line for 24/7 control and intervention
  • Remote operation and monitoring of cold rooms and food display compartments
  • Maintenance and repair management without creating labor load, through performance monitoring of food sales compartments
  • Modular systems, enabling decrease in power consumption, while keeping food safety in sales areas